Saturday, April 30, 2011

4/30/11 daily chek list

  • Stayed with in points but was freaked out because, per my points, I could have 2 cheese burgers (no bun) and a baked potato.  Boy, has Weight Watchers changed.  But, I also had a ton of veggies today.
  • Didn't drink nearly enough water due to being at the yard sale all day.  Trying to make up for that now.
  • Was on my feet most of the day but didn't get much exercise in.  Didn't wear my pedometer due to it constantly falling off and didn't want to lose it at yard sale.
  • So, all in all I would say it was an ok day but not my best.  Tomorrow I have plans to take a really good walk at a local park and review kata with my hubby. 
  • Have a great night!

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