Monday, April 25, 2011

The power of the Sensei...

I am laughing at myself right now.  Today being my birthday, and as unpleasant as this birthday has been, I got myself a little ice cream for a treat.  I sat down in my chair to eat it and surf the web.  I noticed, in my surfing,  that a web address that comes from the same part of the world that my Sensei lives was on the blog today.  I was literally in mid-bite of my second spoonful of  ice cream when I saw this information and immediately put my ice cream back in the freezer. 

Sadly, I am just one of those people who is desperate for the approval of certain authority figures.  Knowing Sensei may occasionally be reading this blog makes me want to work that much harder.  Thanks Sensei, I needed that kick in the butt!!!

BTW-I weighed myself today.  I didn't gain that much.  Maybe 2lbs. at best.  Thank God!

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