Wednesday, April 20, 2011

World oldest man's diet tips -Hara hachi bu

Every morning I read a U.K. newspaper called "The Mail".  Today they published a great article on a Japanese man who had made it to his 114th birthday and now is the oldest person alive.  You can read the entire article here.

The part that was meaningful to me was what he attributed to his long life.  The article state,

"Mr Kimura said his secret was to eat sparingly, stopping when his stomach was about 80 per cent full."

80% full  is also part of the Okinawan Diet (the Japanese term for it is "Hara hachi bu"), as well as, the key to keeping your weight off by eating intuatively.  I am counting calories now but in the long term my goal is to learn what 80% full feels like.  Over the weekend I didn't really count calories but tried my best to just eat intuatively and I lost about 3lbs doing things that way. 

It seems to me that until you can learn to do this -weight will always be an issue.  I know my protion size has increased over the years.  After a while you start to think that you actually need huge portions to feel satisfied.  But, truthfully, if you eat things that you really enjoy a little goes a long way. 

As a way to encourage you to look into intuative eating I am going to list some links (in no particular order) that have helped me learn about this method.  Good luck!

Paul McKenna
Geneen Roth
Thin Within

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