Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday night recap

My husband and I just got back from Elevation Burger.  Such a great Paleo place to eat. All they serve is grass feed beef.  My hubby gets the french fries but I skip them.  Grass Fed beef with pickles, tomato, and onion is heavenly enough for me.

As I have stated a few times I am a big believer in the paleo diet called "Primal Blueprint".  Today is  "success story Friday" on the blog that the creator of the diet, Mark Sisson, writes (if you want to see an amazing body google Mark Sisson and see what pictures come up).  Today's success story was from a man named Albert.  He lost a lot of weight/fat in only a few months.  I was able to ask him some specifics about how he lost the weight.  He basically suggested that I have been over thinking this whole diet thing.  He said that at every meal he just eats some protein, fats, and veggies.  Bam, that's it! 

I started talking to my husband about this and he said that he agrees with Albert.  I over think things.  We also talked about my work-out plan.  Hubby made a great suggestion-keep going with karate but add something called "The evil Russian's push up program".  Every day you do a certain amount of push ups per hour  (If this program appeals to you there is a spread sheet for it somewhere on line that makes figuring it out much easier). 
So, after one week of dieting I am only one pound down but I learned a lot:
  • Enough already with the protein shakes, they only make me sick
  • When hungry just focus on protein, fats, and veggies (Yum!)
  • Add some push ups to the work outs.
Let's hope next week my weight will be heading in a more positive direction more quickly!  As always thanks for reading and I hope that your week is going well.

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  1. Primal Blueprint is new to me...but the concept isn't. There's a similar regimen called "Fat Flush" by Gittleman. DH and I have followed that eating plan with great success. If you like to read and research, I highly suggest reading her too. It will just be more motivation that is keeping with the same kind of philosophy. One thing that is really great about her book 24-hour detox is the information on the nutrient/veggies that support the organs that are directly involved with metabolising fat. Whether or not you do that actual 24-hour detox plan, the information involved to prepare yourself to it is really good...I always end up coming back to it and making sure that I'm getting some of those specific veggies in our diet whenever I want to really watch what I'm eating.