Monday, May 2, 2011

For the long haul

This weekend was one where reality set in for me.  When starting a diet/weight loss program you start off really excited and happy to get the weight off.  At some point the reality of what you are trying to do hits you. 
-How much weight you are trying to get off hits you.
-How long this is going to take hits  you. 
-How much less of your favorite foods you are going to be eating.  For example, now a quarter cup of M&M's is now the same amount of points as a steak. Wow.  I guess chocolate is out for a while.....

Yeah, all of that hit me this weekend.

Thankfully, I did not stop trying.  I felt good about how I fought the mental battle this weekend.  But, I do have to figure out how to get my head around everything.

What is making the difference for me this time is the amount of support I am finally getting from the people around me.  I just wanted to take a moment to thank my husband for really cheering me on this weekend.  Living with someone who is really committed to being supportive makes a world of difference.

 Also, the other person who is quietly but actively supporting me is my karate Sensei.  Thanks Sensei.  I really appreciate you reading this blog.  Since I met you all I wanted was to be a black belt.  To follow in your foot steps.  Seeing that I have your support is really a big deal to me.  Thanks!

And, all of the kind people who take the time to read this blog-THANK YOU!    You are all really helping me to keep going.  I know you are busy people with a million other things you have to do all day so that you take the time to come here means so much to me!!!

Good luck to all of you.  Hopefully we can get to our goals together.  And, please if you are needing some support feel free to leave a message and I will get back to you!!

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