Friday, April 15, 2011

5lbs. down!

I will be writing a much longer post this weekend to tell you exactly how this is all working but over the last 3 days I have lost 5lbs.  I think I figured out the key for my weight loss at least.  Like I said, I will give you the break down this weekend but I will give you one big clue till then-lots and lots of vegetables.  Write more later!


  1. WTG!! Not just for the 5 lbs lost...but for feeling like you have figured out the key for your body to get back into balance! That's the way I've always thought about weight body is out of balance...too much fat...too much weight...and I need to figure out what to do so that it will get back to "normal"...that is, a proper weight/BMI for my frame...

    I've read the Okinawa diet books also...I LOVE the way that they THINK about food...the concept of heavy v. lightweight foods based on caloric density...while I don't follow their protocol to a "T"...I have incorporated the idea into my meal planning...

    Totally looking forward to your explaination!

  2. Thanks Anita! Good luck on your journey!! Please let me know how it goes for you.