Wednesday, April 6, 2011

April 6-PM

‎"As soon as you concern yourself with the “good” and “bad” of your fellows, you create an opening in your heart for maliciousness to enter. Testing, competing with, and criticizing others weaken and defeat you".
Morihei Ueshiba (greatest martial artist ever)
Boy did I need to read that quote.   I just got home from helping my brother-in-law's girlfriend paint their new place.  She is a great girl and I enjoy spending time with her.  In January she started "watching" what she eats and having more regular exercise and as of today she has lost about 30lbs.  It is so hard not to compare myself to her.  This is so freaking frustrating.  Why can't I lose weight?!?!  What is wrong with me already???  What is she doing that I am not???
Ok, so to regroup, tomorrow I am going to start counting my calories and carbs .  I am now willing to starve myself to get the weight off.  It just has to happen.

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  1. Comparisons are hard to avoid...think on this though...she is losing an average of just over 2 pounds a week...some of the initial weight loss could be water weight...especially if she had been dehydrated and starting drinking her weight in ounces of water a day (the recommended amount)...or if she started watching her sodium content...that could really help too...don't starve yourself...I understand the determination...but don't be extreme.

    For food tracking, I really like the site that is nutrimirror dot com. I like it because it's free...and it gives a great picture of the nutritional value of the food that you are eating including calcium, iron, fiber, cholesterol, vit A, and vit C...and it tracks those things as well to really give you a great picture of the QUALITY of the food you are eating.

    Channel that determination...don't lose it...but make it productive and not destructive!