Friday, July 29, 2011

July 29

Well, we still don't know what exactly is going on with my health.  But, I am starting to feel better.  One of the reasons for that is that I have been eating a lot of home made stir fries.  Lots of fresh vegetables, lean protein and a small amount of white rice.  I am starting to feel like a whole new person actually.

Starting next week I hope to be able to post a few recipes.  This way of eating can work for almost any diet with a few modifications (plus or minus some carbs).  And, it is pretty cost effective.

You know, I have tried a lot of things to lose weight since I started this blog.  One of the reasons why I wanted to start this blog was to track what works for me and what doesn't.  As you can tell, my health has been somewhat complicated the last few years and I am ready to be well now.

Over this weekend I am going to review the entries and come up with a new plan for myself.  On Monday I will post it.  I think I have figured out a successful combination for myself-finally!

Monday, July 25, 2011

July 25

Well, my posting has slowed down but that doesn't mean I am not still working on getting my weight down.  I am going through another health issue, this one  related to the last one.  I will tell you guys since none of you actually know me .....I am either pregnant,  have ovarian cancer, or an ovarian cycst.  My money is on the ovarian cycst.  (sorry if that is all too much info.  sometime you just have to call a spade a spade) But, we won't really know for another two weeks.  While my health is totally out of whack I am really not too worried about things.
The symptoms I am having are making lossing weight difficult.  But, I am still trying.  Exercise right now isn't too easy either.
I am really hoping that in another two weeks everything thing will be back to normal.  We will see.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Notes about diet

I have been struggling a bit trying to come up with menu items now since my food allergies have gotten out of hand  (time to start probiotics again).  What I am realizing is that vegetables are what is needed.  I am not allergic to them, they are wonderful nutrition, and they are low in calories.  So, my thoughts are that my diet will  mostly consist of stir fries.  This reminds me of when I was a kid and got sick all of the time from various foods (I was often hospitalized for food issues) and my father used to only make me stir fries to eat because it was all I could tolerate.  I am going back to that. In fact, I am going to embrace my love of all thing Asian-especially the food.

I must admit that I am more than frustrated lately.  I am desperate to get my weight off and be done with all of this. But, until I figure out what will and will not make me ill getting the weight off can only be a secondary issue.

Aside from food, I am really enjoying my Tai Chi practise.  It is a great warm up to kata.  And, I think it is helping my kata also. 

Hope you are some where nice and cool!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

What I learned today

I learned two things today:

1) While most people with gluten issues can eat corn there are a few gluten sensitive people who can not tolerate corn gluten.  I am now in that category.  I should not have been eating the tortilla chips that we keep in the house for my husband but I didn't have any of "my food" in the house and I was gave into temptation.   For the last 2-3 weeks I have been doing this on a somewhat regular basis and now I am sick as a dog. It took me a little while to put it all together.  I never knew that corn gluten can cause a bad reaction.  After some research I finally figured it out.  This might explain the health problems I have been having lately and the stall on my weight loss.

2)I did too much Tae Bo yesterday and threw my back out. As odd as this sounds, Tae Bo hurt by back but when I do as much kata (let's say an hours worth or so) I never have this issue.  So, I guess I will just have to stick with kata.  Sensei always said kata was more than enough to get into shape.  So, that is what I will do.

Overall this has been a crap day.  Hope your day was much better!!!!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

July 12, 2011

Quick check in:
did Tae Bo (which included some pushups)
Started the day with a new Tai Chi DVD that I am really loving.  It is from a west coach teacher named
Matthew Cohen.
Hoping to do some Kata tonight with my husband.
And, have listened to my Paul Mckenna CDs.

Hope you are having a great day!

Monday, July 11, 2011

July 11, 2011

Just a quick update.  Been doing my Tae Bo DVD and working on not eating too much.  Things are going well.  I also think I convinced my husband that he should be working on kata with me after dinner every night.  I think I also convinced him that he needs to get back to karate as much as I do.  So, hopefully that will be a fun thing we can start to do together instead of sitting on the sofa after dinner watching TV and playing games on facebook......
Sensei always said if you weren't at karate in the evenings you would fill your time up with much less productive stuff.  Well, we certainly have!

Friday, July 8, 2011

update and new find!

OK, I know that occasionally I go through these very quiet times on this blog.  I have been battling a medical issue that comes and goes.  When I go quiet it is due to dealing with it. I get so frustrated that I am not making progress that I just go quiet.  The health issue is related to my weight but, not caused by it.  I am so fed up with having health issues.  I will get this weight off if only to live happily again!!  But, I am going to get my black belt too!!!

While I have been sick the last two weeks I have not weighed myself.  From the way that my clothes are fitting I would say that I have not gained anything but probably haven't lost anything either.  I am still listening to Paul Mckenna's I Can Make You Thin CD's daily.  It is really changing the way I look at a lot of things in my life.  I highly suggest them to anyone!

I've also been looking for a good exercise DVD that I could do on a daily basis.  I have been looking for one for three months now.  The problem is that I need something that is a good workout but at my current fitness level and doesn't hurt my knee.  Well, I finally found one!!  This is a little embarrassing but I will share anyway.  It is a postnatal exercise DVD by Tae Bo.

It is low impact so no harm is done to my knee.  It is paced for people just getting back into working out.  And, it is broken up into five 10 minute long segments:
1)Get Moving -light cardio
2)Core and Abs
3)Upper body
4)Lower body

This is great because you can mix things up depending on your needs.  The whole DVD is about 60 minutes long.  The instructor is Billy Blank's daughter, Shellie Blanks Cimarosti, who amazingly gave birth only 10 weeks before the filming of this DVD.  But, just ignore all the pregnancy talk and focus on working out.  This DVD has given me some renewed hope of developing a steady daily routine for myself.
So, I hope you are all doing well.  I will be checking in again soon!!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Be water my friend ....or a Rhino

Does anyone remember when Bruce Lee was on the Dick Cavett show telling people to be like water?  It is a quote my husband and I toss around a lot as a joke.  It is our way to reminding one another to be inspired to obtain our goals.  OK, maybe it is a bit of an in joke between the two of us but you get the idea.

One thing my karate instructor always emphasised was goal setting.  This is not a strength of mine. I try to set goals and stayed focused but I get swayed by everyone else around me.  It is really easy to put your goals aside when your family/friends need things.  I find myself at the bottom of the list on a daily basis and we don't even have children.  Not sure how this always seems to happen.  But, I realize it is a flaw that I have to change.  I have the impression people think I forget about my goals or that I don't really want to achieve them. That is not the case at all.  I just find myself getting caught up in people pleasing instead of helping myself.  It is a bad, bad habit that gets me no where.

The other day our local TV station (WPVI) aired a segment during the news about Rhino Living.  I watched and was a bit intrigued.  Rhino Living is a goal setting system that a very successful Philadelphia businessman has created for himself and is now sharing it with others.  It is really pretty simple and common sense but it does help create and maintain your focus to get to a goal.  The creator, a man named Dave Magrogan, so believes in this method that he allowed the TV station to put an ebook about it up for free.

Here is a link to watch the clip my local news did on it
Here is where you can access the free ebook

My husband and I are working through the ebook.  It includes some pretty good information.  And, I am hoping it helps me zero in on my goals and stop going with the flow of other people's life so much. I want to stop being so much like water and much more like a Rhino!
I am hoping this helps you get to your goals!!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Quick update

Sorry I have been kinda quiet this week. Been busy running around taking care of business. Things are still going really well and next weekend is my next scheduled weigh in and I have high hopes for it.  I am still using Paul McKenna's "I can make you thin" program in order to get the hang of portion control while eating Primally by choice. 
Have a great weekend and Happy 4th of July!!!