Wednesday, April 6, 2011

April 6, 2011

Today begins my newest weight loss scheme.  Here I am pictured with my" Dr. Tabor Slim and Beautiful Diet" drink.  I know, I know the name is so silly but that it what it is really called.  I know Dr. Tabor from his reputation. He was suggested to me by Leslie Sansone- the in-door walking guru.  I personally know Leslie from walking with her on QVC.  I got to walk with her on live TV because I live near QVC not because I did anything special.  But, the experience was pretty special. Leslie is a sincere and wonderful person.  She suggested Dr. Tabor's shakes to her walkers and so I am trying them.  Dr. Tabor recomends you drink 2 shakes and then a sensible dinner.

Here is my review.  I got the sugar free shakes Dr. Tabor offers on QVC.  I decided to go with the sugar free version because I have given up most sugar and carbs from my diet.  It has made me feel so much better.  Anyway, since it is only 120 calories per shake I knew I would need more calories to get through to lunch so I mixed it with coconut milk and a little stevia.  Coconut milk is only 50 calories per cup so it is equivalent to milk.  I tend to be milk intolerant so I will use either coconut milk or almond milk.  I am currently drinking the Mocha Coffee flavor -it is pretty good. One odd thing though is that it has become as thick a pudding.  It is definitely filling. I think at lunch I will try just using water instead of coconut milk.  I bought about a 10 day supply to see if they would work for me. I am really hoping they do.  Wish me luck!

Now, what am I doing to work out you ask?  Karate.
Every morning I get out my old karate testing requirements and go down the list.  I do 20-50 blocks, punches, kicks to warm up.  Then I start working the list of kata.  My plan is to be letter perfect (or as close as I can get) to executing kata the day I walk back into the dojo. Every night my husband, the black belt, critiques what I am working on and suggests how to get better.  It has been fun for us to work together again. I am also wearing a pedometer and trying to get 10,000 steps in a day.  Some days I only get to 7,000 but I keep walking until I hit 7,000 every day.  Lastly, I am trying to also do push ups.  I hate them but it has to be done.  I am sure I will add more as the weight comes off.

So that is about it for today.  We will know by tomorrow if the shakes are going to work out for me (with food allergies, stomach problems, and hunger levels).  One last thing, today I weighed 306.2lbs.  So, it came down 2lbs since yesterday.

Quick update-My crazy body strikes again.  Drank the shake and got sick as a dog.  They are gluten free shakes but my body completely rejected it.  I've been pretty sick for hours now.  So, back to QVC they go (thank God they have a liberal refund policy).  And, back to Primal Blueprint (a paleo style diet) I go. But, maybe this time I will start to count calories.  We will see. Onwards and Upwards.

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