Tuesday, April 19, 2011

perchance to dream....

Today's weight surprised me.  I keep waking up waiting to gain ten pounds back.  That has been my history for years-lose a few pounds and gain ten back.  But, I am starting to think maybe this program is going to work.  It is hard to allow myself to hope that the weight will continue to come off but maybe it will....
I turn 41 on April 25.  In a few pounds I could finally be under 300lbs.  Getting back into the 200lbs. range would do so much for my psyche.  It would feel like real progress.  So, between you and me, I am going to try to make 299lbs by Monday (the 25th).  I am scared that declaring that to the universe means some how I will sabotage myself but I have to try.  But, sometimes dreaming big can work.
So, wish me luck!!!  A few prayers wouldn't hurt either.

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