Wednesday, April 13, 2011

April 12, 2011

On Monday I got some great advice from a man named Paul Jaminet who along with his wife authored the book "The Perfect Health Diet".  If you are interested in hearing his story and advice you can listen to a podcast on the Livin' La Vida Low Carb Show.  I won't get into all of the details but the husband and wife team have some pretty amazing credentials and Paul's story sounds almost exactly like mine when I was trying to determine what was making me sick.  Even down to the doctors doing nothing to help this man get better. Please note: this is not a weight loss diet, it is a diet to regain your health.  Having said that, he does have some wonderful weight loss advice.

Anyway, so I emailed him for some advice and he was gracious enough to email me back within an hour.  Their  diet is basically a Paleo diet.  He and his wife feel their diet is very close to the Okinawan Diet.  This is interesting to me since I take Okinawan Karate.  I have tried the Okinawan Diet.  It is a wonderful program.  But, I had some issues with it regarding the way my body runs.  The Perfect Health Diet really does seem to be the perfect solution to all of the small issues I have with the strict Paleo type diets. 

So what advice did he give me.......well, I am not telling you just yet.  I am going to try it for a few days and then get back to you.  The last two days I have only been able to generally take his advice due to some obligations that I had.  But, already I am down 2lbs.  I promise to share this information with you by the end of the week.  Till then my friends, have a wonderful week!!

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