Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Would love your feedback.....

Funny how life works.  I reached out to a diet plan, that is hugely popular in England, a few months back out of desperation.  They had not previously been here in America but they are starting up here now.  All of my U.K.  friends tell  me this is THE plan to go to because it really works (they have all of our plans over there plus a few of their own that we have never had access to before).  Well, today I got a call from the company and they offered me a very good special to join (unbelievably low price....kinda giving it away).  Lucky me, right?

Except that I have been using Slimpods and that would conflict with that program.  I think the Slimpods programs is really good.  It has changed sooooooo many things for the positive in my life.  And, while I haven't lost a lot of weight I have been exercising a lot.  I know that I am gaining a ton of muscle over  the last few weeks. So, while I didn't lose I also have not gained.  And, my body is reshaping.  I feel strongly that pretty soon the weight is coming off along with the inches.

So, I am torn.  I will never get an opportunity like this again but maybe this isn't the right opportunity for me.  What would you do???

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  1. I'm the Diet-ADD queen, so I'd go for it :) My basic method has been to pick one method, and when I'm bored of it (read: my desire to eat multiple slices of cake in a single sitting outweighs my good sense), I switch to something else. It keeps me entertained, keeps things fresh. And after a break I'll even go back to a method I know works for me if my only issue was burnout. Kind of like I'm considering giving WW another whirl at the moment, especially because they just tweaked the program again.

    Then again, I may not be the best person to ask, LOL. But I'd definitely consider it. You can always re-start the Slimpods if this system doesn't fit you, yanno? I can see why you'd like them -- I downloaded the Christmas pod and listened to it a bit, and when I was listening I think it helped with the moderation issue. Of course I stopped (see: multiple slices of cake issue), but that wasn't the pods fault :)