Sunday, January 29, 2012

Last Hurrah

Last night we had a "martial arts movie night" at our house with some dojo friends.  It was a lot of fun watching action movies and eating junk together.   The guys all got pizza.  I ate cheese, gluten free crackers, diet ice tea, potato chips and dip.  This morning I woke up sick as a dog.  You would have thought that I got drunk from how hung over I felt from eating like that.  Guess I am out of practise eating junk food.  If we do this again I am going to make something better for myself like hamburgers (no bun of course) or shishkabobs.  Something meat based.

At any rate, this brings up something that has been on my mind for a while.  There is one part of the Slimpod that talks (I am paraphrasing here) about losing the weight based on exactly how you wish to do it, you are in charge.  That line in particular really sticks in my mind.  Initially it was nice to think that I could eat carbs and sugar in moderation and still lose weight.  Maybe some day, if I ever get the weight off,  I will be able to do that.  But, what I think the Slimpod (and last night) has helped me to admit to myself is that I need to limit my carbs for both weight loss and for feeling well.

I ate way more carbs than normal last night.  I attribute my feeling ill today from all those carbs.  Regardless of what kind of carb you eat, it all converts to sugar in your blood stream.  One of the reasons I don't drink any more (except maybe once a year) is because it messes with my blood sugar.  It doesn't matter if the carb is a fast or slow carb, a good or bad carb,  processed or unprocessed carbs...  the body always sees it as sugar.  And, sugar plays havoc with your blood sugar.

Now, my husband is one of those people who could eat nothing but carbs and never gain an ounce.  We are like Jack Sprat and his wife.  Genetically people can either handle or not handle carbs and I just have to accept into which camp I fall.

Perhaps the makers of the Slimpod never intended for a person to restrict a certain food group.  But, I really feel the Slimpod has helped me see the truth of my particular situation.  Starting tomorrow I am going to get back to my paleo way of approaching food.  Perhaps a bit stricter this week since , due to stress of the situation I wrote about in the previous post, I really have to maintain level blood sugar this week.  I have a bad feeling that things might come to a head this week.  [BTW-whenever I know I have a stress filled time coming up in my life I go no carb just to be certain I don't have episodes of hypoglycemia  Having excess adrenaline/cortisol in my system seems to mess up my blood sugar as well]  I need to be as present and able bodied as I possibly can.

So, last night was my last hurrah for junk food.  It was fun while it lasted but I am also glad to see it go.  Hope this brings about a productive week.  Hope that you have a great week as well!!

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