Saturday, January 14, 2012

Saturday-Quick Update

My time at the dojo was really awesome.  Going in with very low expectations of my performance seemed to allow me to just relax and do my work.  I learned a lot and had a blast. 

Sensei started asking me some questions about weight, food, and portion size.  I believe I eat a fairly healthy diet.  I try to eat sensible portions but to be blunt, I am constantly hungry.  I really struggle with this.  It seems the feeling of hunger is not a true indication for me of how many calories my body actually needs.

One trick I have been using to deal with my hunger issues is increasing the fiber in my diet.  Protein and fiber are the only things that kills the feeling of hunger for me.  For someone who has gluten intolerance, getting enough fiber in can be difficult.  Usually I eat a lot of beans, fibrous veggies, and prunes to get in my fiber.  But, I need a little more help in this area.

In researching this topic, it seems there are fiber pills made out of the Konjac root that will help.  Konjac Root fiber is what is in the Shirataki Noodles that I love to eat.  There are several companies that make these pills but most of them use the name "Glucomannan" (just another name for Konjac Root).  Not sure if this is a ringing endorsement but Dr. Oz seems to recommend its use for weight loss (go to his site and search the term).  Hoping to get out tomorrow and get some.  I'll let you know how this experiment goes.

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