Monday, November 14, 2011

Vitamin B deficiency

People with Celiac disease can easily become deficient in the complex of B vitamins.  I have dealt with this all of my life, even before I knew I had the disease.  Generally it shows up physically as very bad anxiety.  Due to my operation coming up, I had to stop all of my vitamins. And, over the last week my anxiety was starting to grow and get out of hand.  I should have recognized the symptoms but it wasn't until today that I understood what was going on with me. 
(just in case you are curious to learn more you can read about it here)
It is also particularly important to keep up with taking B vitamins if you are on stomach acid reducing medicines (which I am ) since they also lower the amount of vitamin B complex that your body can absorb. 
So, the end result is that I have been feeling and acting a little overly emotional lately.  For those of you who deal with me on a daily/semi-daily basis, if I have been annoying I am really sorry!!!!  Thanks for your patience in dealing with me!!!   And, next time I get like this please feel free to tell me to go take my vitamins-lol.

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