Monday, November 28, 2011

Nov. 28, 2011

The count down to December 1, 2011 and the re-starting Weight Watchers  (Joe, are you ready??) has started.  Today I am starting to work on getting organized.  That includes creating a list of points for all of the food items in the house and menu planning.  This part always totally overwhelms me.  But, if I give myself two days to get organized hopefully my level of success will be greater this time.

Since my operation I have done a lot of hard thinking about my weight, my weight issues, and why I have not had a lot of success getting the weight off.  I guess that is the one good thing that has come out of not being allowed to do anything but sit on a sofa for the last 7 days.  What I have come to realize is that I just don't believe that I can do this. So, any problem that has come up in my past weight loss efforts has been a reason to give up and fail, instead of an obstacle to over come.  What I am starting to realize is attitude really is everything!

Two weeks ago Sensei suggested a book to me called "Success Principles", by Jack Canfield.  It has really opened my eyes to the way I have been thinking about myself since about the time I got married.  That is when my Celiac disease got very bad ( I blame my husband's love of PA Dutch food but I can forgive him for that -lol) and when I started having all sorts of life problems associated with it.  Due to this I have been through a whole process of one failure after another.  Life has felt very out of control to me.  Previous to this time in my life, no matter how bad things were (with a very bad home life as a kid, having dyslexia and auditory processing disorder, and a bunch of other issues) I always knew I could over come a problem.  Some where along the line I lost my "can do" attitude and started internalizing an attitude of being a failure.  Well, I think I am waking up from that poor mind set and realizing that all I need to do is keep trying.

This is how I am going to approach Weight Watchers this time.  In my previous attempts I felt I had to be perfect with my food/points daily and if I wasn't I should just give up.  This time I am taking the long view approach.  I may not be perfect with points from one day to a next, but it will still be better than not trying at all.

I have also been really inspired by how Bruce Lee (see previous post) looked at food.  His wife said that he wasn't interested in eating foods that couldn't fuel his martial arts.  Since I am doing all of this to fulfill my dream of getting a black belt........well, that is how I have to learn to look at food as well.
Hopefully I am mentally prepared this time.  Wish me luck!!