Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Tomorrow is my first weigh in.  I am nervous and at the same time realize there is no need to be.  I have worked hard this week getting to know the program.  I have eaten within my points all week while still eating what is basically a paleo program. 

I have been weighing myself on my home scale and the number has steadily gone down daily.  So it is all good.  I will definitely post the number after tomorrow's WW meeting.

My goal for next week will be to get more exercise in.  The Pin Oaks are blooming in my neighborhood and I am severely allergic to them.  Literally every house in this development has one in the front yard.  My allergist has me on 2 different meds for this month and has warned me not to exercise until pollen counts go down.  I only have asthma only during the month the Pin Oak are blooming.  Never had it until I moved into this neighborhood and hope it will go away once we again move.  So, exercise has been hard for me this last week.  Only been doing it in 15-20 minute increments. 

I want to re-start the "Evil Russian Push-Up Program" and do more kata.  Exercise has to be the focus and not just counting points.  I think exercise adds to your life and counting points feels like something is being taken away.  I would rather focus on the positive!

Hope you are all having a great week!!! 

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