Thursday, May 12, 2011


In the Paleo world of nutrition, bacon is kinda a food group unto itself.  Everyone has bacon for breakfast and saves the grease to cook their other foods in it.  Well, I did a little experiment yesterday.  I allowed myself to have two strips of  bacon and then cooked my eggs in the grease.  The outcome was two fold.

First, I got sick as a dog.  Even though I buy a great local brand, Leidy's,  that is low on preservatives and other chemicals it is still chuck full of nitrates.  My body hates nitrates.  I was sick most of the morning from it.  So just to be certain, I ate it again this morning and got ill again (yes, sometimes I am jerk).

Secondly, my weight went up by one pound.  Today I am 302lbs.  Not a big deal.  It is still going down so I am not too concerned.

What this little experiment has taught me is that I hate bacon (as well as most other pork products).  Even if something is "Paleo", if it is chuck full of nitrates, don't eat it.  I don't drink boxed wine for the same reason.  Not worth the toll it takes on my body.

It also reminded me of what I learned from the author of "The Perfect Health Diet", Paul Jaminet.  He advised me that I should eat a modified Paleo (protein, whole foods, limited fats and carbs) to lose weight (please see the link to the left labeled "my eating program" for details).  That really does seem to work for me.  It is just so hard to get all of the ratios right.  While bacon and bacon fat absolutely do not agree with me, butter and coconut oil really do.  I can eat quite a bit of butter and coconut oil and still lose weight.  It is all very confusing but the bottom line it you have to experiment and see what works for you.

So that is where I am at today. Bottom line-think for yourself!  Do what works for you!  If bacon makes you sick, don't eat it (that was written more for me than for you-ha,ha).  Have a great day!

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