Tuesday, May 10, 2011


I decided to try an experiment yesterday.  I ditched WW for the day and returned to my beloved Primal Blueprint Diet.  My weight loss had completely stalled on WW and I was craving protein like mad.  Yes, WW has changed now and is more protein focused but something about it just isn't working for me.
I ended up eating a lot more protein yesterday but I also ended up eating less in general.  Maybe it is just a big mind game for me but I felt more relaxed.  It was a lot easier to tell if I was really hungry or just eating because I could.  A lot of times I was eating my points and not that hungry but eating points because I had them.
When I got up this morning my weight was 302lbs.  Two pounds down in one day. 
I started making a list as to how my eating habits had changed since I started WW.
  • Started eating less protein
  • Started eating more grains, even though it was just white rice (better for intestinal health than brown rice) I had gotten up to about 3 servings per day.
  • More milk products.  I have a slight intolerance to milk products and therefore really need to limit that to no more than milk in my tea in the morning.
  • Less good fats
  • More carbs overall.
So, it makes sense to me now why my weight loss had stalled out. 

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