Monday, May 23, 2011

First Non-Scale Victory

At Weight Watchers they have something called "Non-Scale Victories".  I think the name pretty much explains it all.  It is hard to just depend on just the scale to measure success.  And, lately the number on my scale has stalled out a bit but I am noticing that my clothing is starting feel a bit big on me.  I seem to go through a weight loss cycle that goes like this:  lose some weight, then my weight stalls out, I lose some inches, and then the weight starts to go down again.

Well, here is a big non-scale victory for me.  I bought this t-shirt a year and a half ago from my karate school.  I used to go in for one class a week called "soft style" (Tai Chi and meditation).  The t-shirt is a 3X.  I was embarrassed to order that size and even more embarrassed when it came in and was too small for me.  That is when I stopped going to "soft style" class.

Today, I was changing out winter to summer clothes and found this shirt in my drawer.  I had forgotten about it.  OK, maybe I purposely blocked out the memory of a 3X t-shirt being too small for me.  Fortunately, since buying the shirt I have lost about 20lbs. 

Now I know I still look like I have a huge spare tire around my middle and I've lost track of how many chins I have but IT FITS!!!!  And, today, that is enough for me!!!  Maybe I will start back to "soft style" class now that I have a shirt to wear?


  1. That's awesome! And yeah, my weight tends to follow a similar downward trend. It doesn't get to me too much except when it stalls right at a "milestone" weight. Then I get annoyed.

  2. Thanks Amanda!! It has taken me a while to figure out this is how my body works. And, I wouldn't mind either if I could just get the scale under 300lbs. But, I just have to keep trying! Thank you for taking the time to comment!!