Sunday, September 2, 2012


     Back in 1997, during my first year of karate, I was being taught a move that is called something like "a front jump roll".  It is sorta a gymnastics move that involves going head first over an obstacle and then rolling head over feet.  Well, even at about 150lbs. less in weight back then I wasn't too great at these kind of moves. While trying to learn this move I ripped up my stomach muscles and created a hernia in my stomach. 

     Since the initial pain of that injury 15 years ago, I've had a large hernia in my stomach (literally the size of a softball) but it has never hurt me.  I just blissfully ignored it.  That is until last night.

     Last night we had a small house fire.  It is a long story but everything is fine.  During the cleaning up process there was so much smoke in the house that I kept coughing like crazy.  Apparently that did something to the hernia and now it is really hurting me.  I spoke with my doctor and he said he felt that maybe I should actually go to the hospital today to get it checked out.  But, since the pain is bearable and since I am nauseous but not throwing up, it is OK to wait until the office re-opens on Tuesday to see a doctor.

     So, as the doctor told me there is probably another operation in my future. It is also upsetting me that I am really not able to move too much right now since movement hurts me. And, because further movement may "stangulate the hernia" and then I would need emergency surgery.  I am feeling very frustrated.  This just seems like one more set back.  But, I will persevere!!!!


  1. Oh no, I'm glad you're okay even though the hernia news is depressing! Take care of yourself.