Thursday, September 6, 2012


I am one of those woman who just loves her "First for Woman magazine".  It was an article in this magazine that helped me to explain to the doctors five years ago what symptoms I was having that lead to being diagnosed with Celiac disease.  So, I found it really interesting today when I was at the store and the new edition of the magazine was out.  On the cover it said, "Drop 3 Inches of Belly Fat Every Week...".  I didn't buy it for that reason since I just always buy it.  But, I did take a moment to read the article.

I was surprised when I started reading the article because it started describing my exact issue.  It described how some woman (and men) who are desperately trying to lose weight but are not having any success.  It gave the example of woman who dropped their calories down to 1200 a day and still can't get the weight off (I wrote about me doing this around April or May.  I didn't lose any weight even at that level).  The problem according to the article is that your hormones are messed up (hmnnn....isn't that what my doctor told me this week).  The hormones that this article is referring to are not ones we commonly think of like estrogen, testosterone, or progesterone.  Instead, the hormones are ones like ghrelin, leptin, cortisol, or insulin.  Leptin is the specific one mentioned in this article.

The article then stated you had to figure out what kind of fat you have on your belly.  Either you have jiggly fat or hard belly fat.  It went on to define those kind of fats:

Jiggly Belly Fat
-When you lie flat on your back, your belly shifts to the side.
-You have fat on your hips, thights and butt that you can grab and move around

Hard Belly Fat
-When you lie flat on your back, your belly fat doesn't shift to the side.
-You have a waist circumference of 35 inches or larger (measure around your navel).

It then goes on to describe a low carb eating plan tailored to each type of fat.  This is all based on the book "The Metabolic Effect Diet" by Jade Teta, N.D.

  The article also suggeted some suppliments like green tea to help speed fat loss.  The low carb program doesn't seem to contradict anything I am doing now except that it is a lot more strict than what I have been doing.  I am more than willing to step things up if it means I can get the weight off.  I am going to get the book in the next day or so.  I will write more about this as soon as I can.

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