Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Good news!

Saw my doctor today. I don't need surgery on my hernia. Just some rest and then I can get back to normal. Also, he felt I may never need an operation on it since it is a navel hernia and not one that is lower on the body. Very exciting!

While I was at the doctors I discussed my difficulty losing weight. He strongly suggested that I get a gastric by-pass. He said that he feels my hormones are totally messed up and that is why my weight won't come off no matter how low I drop my calories. And, he said that gastric by-pass seems to correct that for people almost immediately. During the surgery they take out that first part of the intestines.  The first section of your intestines create both diabetes and Celiac disease. It cures many people of their diabetes within hours of the operation. Wonder if it would cure my Celiac disease? At any rate, my husband is 100% against it. I would feel like I didn't work hard enough if I got the gastric by-pass. I know that it is not an easy way out. I am definitely not saying that people who have gotten the operation have an easy time of it. I just feel I should keep trying until I find the answer on my own.

If you have any opinions on gastric by-pass I would LOVE to hear them. Thanks!


  1. My opinion is that it is a tool, and one that can be used very successfully or abused. You're absolutely right that it's not a so-called "easy way out" by any means. The choice to have it done is so very personal that I whole-heartedly support whatever choice a person makes for him or herself.

    I don't know anyone personally who's had it done, but I've seen folks online who have undergone the procedure to greater and lesser effect.

    In other news, hooray for no hernia surgery!! That's awesome :)

  2. I'm with Amanda. I think there is no shame in it, and if it helps you then it's a totally welcome option. I would absolutely do it if my insurance paid for it. Well maybe not now since I've finally found something that is working for me, (Body for Life) but my hormones aren't out of whack, at least not badly. My best friends are and she is just having a TERRIBLE time losing weight no matter what she does.

    I've never heard of gastric-bypass curing hormonal problems myself, but I'm no doctor.

    (I found my way here for Amanda's following list because your name was so cute!)

    Yay for no hernia surgery!

  3. Hey Ms. Snarky Pants-
    thanks for joining in the fun!! And, thanks for your opinion. I did body for life a few years back and it really does work. I just can't eat that way any more (carb+protein at every meal). Good luck with your program. I am sure you will get to your goals!!