Saturday, September 22, 2012

Sept. 22 2012-week in review

Week in review:
I've have had a great week!  My weight is still down.  I have been very consistent with my exercise.  I am on day 10 of a 14 day T-Tapp boot camp.  I have been pretty consistent with my food as well. My weight loss is s-l-o-w but it is still going down.  Maybe I have finally gotten a good equation going on what I need to do in order to lose weight?

Going forward:
I haven't discussed karate much lately.  There is a reason for that.  Because my weight loss efforts go so slowly I start to really develop a negative attitude about my future in the martial arts.  By now, a year and a half into my weight loss journey, most people would have most of their weight off .  Right now, I only have a total of  22 lbs. down over all.  That is not enough weight to be noticed on the frame of someone my size.  And, it doesn't even get me under the 300lbs. mark (although I soon could be there).  My weight is not lost in a straight forward manner.  I lose 3lbs.  I gain back 2lbs. only to then lose 4lbs more the next day. 

The hardest part of a weight loss journey for me is keeping a positive mind set.  On the Monday night's, when I attend Tai Chi, keeping a positive mind set is particularly tough.  Walking into a room full of 20 somethings is tough. It reminds you of everything you are not.  I remember when I was in my 20's there were a few middle aged woman who came through the dojo and all of them told me they were leaving karate because it was too intimidating and embarrassing for them to workout with a bunch of young guys.  I get that feeling now.

Problem is if I keep allowing that attitude to prevail I will never get to my goal.  So, I am going to suck it up and get my butt back to the dojo on Monday nights.  Hopefully, if I keep going eventually it will lead me back to regular classes on Tuesday and Thursday nights.

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