Friday, March 30, 2012

Weight Training

I read an article today written about a bikini model named Jennifer Nicole Lee.

I have read about her a few times before. She was an over weight  mother who became a Ms. Bikini America (BTW-Sensei, Joe, and my husband will truly enjoy the pictures of her in the article).  The article was a brief overview of what her strategy was in trying to lose weight.  The article ends by saying that weight training is more important than cardio in losing weight.

This has gotten me to thinking.  I keep hurting myself doing cardio (walking, jogging, aerobics).  If it isn't working, why keep doing it?  Maybe it is time to switch up to weight lifting? 

I am going to have to research this since I have zero idea how to put a weight lifting program together.  If anyone out the has some advice I would LOVE to hear it.


  1. SparkPeople has resistance training programs, and they're free on the fitness section of their website -- free is a good place to start!

    I'm finally (mostly) confining my cardio to my recumbent exercise bike, because my body just isn't made for high-impact cardio, and I've learned through painful experience that even walking too briskly for too long sets my knee off. So I know what you're talking about with cardio being a bummer. I wouldn't give it up entirely, but definitely look for something that you can do longer term even with a decrease in intensity. With my birthday staring me in the face on Monday I once again am facing the fact that I'm just not as young as I once was, LOL

  2. thanks for the heads up on the Sparks people program Amanda. Happy early Bithday!!!!!!!!