Friday, March 9, 2012

Dr. Cheng ticked me off (sorta)

So, I got the chance to have a facebook exchange with Dr. Cheng.  I express my excitement for his program because it has given me hope of finding a gentle exercise program that I could do that would get me in shape and not cause an injury.  I have the tendency to over do things with exercise and hurt myself.  The one place I have NOT done this is in doing kata. Never once has kata gotten me even close to an injury.  So, I assume Tai Chi movements would be in the same vein.

Perhaps he misunderstood me, because his response to me was:
" if your body is constantly dealing with pain or inflammatory processes, please get THOSE dealt with first. Then what you do with Tai Cheng will be far more productive. I'd strongly encourage you to seek out an SFMA certified medical professional to get you started off right!"
I understand that legally he has to say stuff like that.  I really do get it -on one level.  But, this is the kind of response that kept me ill with undiagnosed Celiac disease for all those years.  One medical professional passing the buck off to another medical professional until one day I figured out my diagnosis (then had it confirmed with a specialist).  This is the kind of attitude that got me to this condition in the first place.
The other thing that bothers me is who pays for a SFMA certified medical professional to get me started off right?  Insurance doesn't cover this normally.  Ours doesn't pay for physical therapy.  Having an SFMA certified medical professional is a luxury we can not afford.  I would bet that many other families can not afford this either.  This is the reason people turn to programs produced by Beachbody in the first place.  We need help, we want to improve our health, and we look for the best option that we can afford.
At any rate, I know the man didn't mean to upset me.  He didn't even write anything unkind.  It just felt that way to me.  I have been working so hard for so long.  I just desperately need to make some progress.  I need to get back to the dojo.  Therefore this program is still my best , last hope for progress. Sometimes you have to listen to your own wisdom even if it goes against an expert.  I am still going to purchase the program and I am going to succeed on it. In the end, hopefully it will be a win/win for Dr. Cheng and myself.

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  1. You know yourself best. It sounds like a good plan :)