Friday, March 9, 2012

Dr. Mark Cheng, creator of Tai Cheng for Beachbody

Dr. Mark Cheng, creator of Tai Cheng for Beachbody, had a video Q&A session yesterday. You can watch it here. Those of you who read this blog regularly will remember that I have been trying to learn as much as possible about this program for the last two weeks.  From watching this video chat, Dr. Cheng  seems alright actually.  So often you run across martial artists who create workout programs and they don't seem too experienced in the art.  Dr.  Cheng seems very knowledgeable and like an OK guy.

He said a lot of interesting things.  One of which is that you do get a good cardio workout from Tai Chi, they have done studies to prove this.  And, at about minute 54 on the video he explains the relationship between painful exercise, cortisol production, and weight loss/gain.  To me this explained why I was unable to lose weight doing an hour of kettlebells (swinging 25lbs to 40lbs bells) 2-3 times a week. 

At any rate, I am really excited about this program and intend on getting it.  I am actually going to sell a bunch of my old workout dvds on Ebay in order to afford this one.  I will let you know what I am selling once I get them up on Ebay this weekend.

For those that check this blog to see if we are going to the dojo on Saturday morning....we are not sure yet.  This weekend we have a viewing, my father's birthday, a bunch of work to do at home, and a funeral on Monday.  So, not sure how things will play out.

 NOTE TO JOE-are you still alive?  Sent you a FB email few weeks back and didn't hear back from you.  Hoping all is going well with you.  If you feel up to it, let us know how you are doing. No pressure :)

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