Tuesday, February 14, 2012

totally frustrated

My future sister-in-law posted on facebook today that she has lost 14lbs. in two weeks.  Really?!

I am beyond frustrated.  I don't know what my future sister-in-law is doing to lose her weight,but I sure want to know.  Hopefully she will respond to the email I sent her asking for details.  If I find out anything interesting I will definitely share it with you.

It has been suggested by a certain person in my life that I am still eating a ton of food since I am not losing weight.  That is NOT true.  In fact, I have cut back so much that I basically walk around hungry all day long.  It is a pretty miserable way to live but I am willing to do it in order to achieve my goals.  It is true that I am not keeping a food journal or counting calories/points but being hungry due to not eating much is the same as cutting calories back.  The bottom line is that I am really trying and just not seeing results.  I don't know why.

This has been effecting me hugely psychologically.   I am depressed, frustrated, and upset.  But, I have to pick myself up and keep trying.  Nothing else you can do.  Ultimately, failure is not an option.


My future sister-in-law wrote back to me.  Here is her equation for losing 12lbs in two weeks.  Eating healthier, working out, and stopped drinking.  I am going to start drinking in order to stop.  It is the only thing I am not doing per her equation.

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  1. It can be very frustrating :( Have you looked at how many calories you require during the day? I'm sure you have, and I've always found that interesting for my own personal use (okay, and for when I feel like yelling at the computer monitor). Googling "daily caloric requirement calculator for women" pulls up several options, most of which will ask you for your height, weight, and activity level. They'll then spit out the number of calories you theoretically require to maintain your weight, and how many are required to lose weight.

    That said, their maintenance level is always too high for me. But it's an interesting tool nonetheless.