Saturday, February 18, 2012

Saturday, Feb. 18, 2012

So, since Wednesday I have felt odd off and on.  At times it has felt like blood sugar problems.  I have given up sugar since then and have increased my protein.  I think that I am starting to feel more normal with every day.  Not sure if this is something I need to get checked out with the doctor.  I am going to give things a few more days before I decide to go to the doctors.  I hate doctors.

In the mean time, I am really trying to deal with the amount of stress I am feeling about my weight.  If I were honest I'd tell you that I feel a crushing amount of pressure on a daily basis.  And, I don't honestly understand why I can't get the weight off.  I have increased my exercise and decreased my caloric intake.  Not sure why things just won't work.

But, if I am going to survive this whole process I have to keep moving forward.  I've been really working on kata on a daily basis.  While people at the dojo may not notice it, I feel like I am making real progress there.  Additionally, I have been working on my T-Tapp and Tae Bo DVDs at home.  Slowly, I see my endurance improving and I definitely see increased muscle mass building.  Making progress somewhere feels good.  I am considering going to Tai Chi nights at karate and working more at home on my weapons (sword and sai).

So, that is where things are at this weekend.  Have a great weekend!

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