Thursday, February 2, 2012


While listening to my Slimpod this morning I heard my little brain say that I have to set a goal for myself as to when I will get back to class.  My brain seems to want me back there around April 25 because that is my 42 birthday.

Not sure if this is realistic or not but I really want this!  Been feeling like I am just floating around because I don't have a specific date to work towards getting back to the dojo full time.  Can you and I please talk about this at some point in the future?  I want to hear from you what you are looking for in order for me to get back to regular classes.

Maybe we can chat about this during Saturday's open gym if things are not too busy?   Thanks!!


  1. Not Sensei at all, but April 2 is my 42nd... I knew we were close in age, but I didn't know how close!

  2. So cool Amanda!!! Nice to have another April baby around:)