Saturday, February 11, 2012

Slimpod update

The big suggestion that Sandra (the slimpod lady) had for me was to change when I was listening to the Slimpod. I had mistakenly been under the impression that I had to listen to it in bed right before sleep.  That doesn't work great for me because that is when my husband, two dogs, and our cat seem to jump on and off of the bed until they all settle down and sleep.  So, while I have been faithfully listening to the Slimpod, I wasn't able to really go into trance and get the full benefit of the program. 

The biggest problem that I have been having was knowing when I had eaten enough.  I just never seemed to feel full or satisfied.  Since changing when I listen to the Slimpod over the last 24 hours (listening to it about three times since then), suddenly I am aware of exactly when to stop eating.  It is actually really weird.  There will be half of my food left on my plate,  but i just know it is time to stop eating.  Somewhat magical really.  We will see how this continues.

In other news, we had a good Saturday at the dojo today. Both my husband and myself got a lot of help to correct somethings we were doing wrong.  It felt good to make some progress.  Hope you all have a great weekend.

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  1. That change on the Slimpod timing makes good sense :) Our Saturday has been low-key, and instead of making turkey I ended up doing lentil soup which will see me through most of next week. Luckily I have zero problem eating the same dinner several nights in a row, as long as it's something I like LOL -- I just make sure it's something different from the previous week.

    Yay for dojo progress!