Thursday, February 2, 2012

low carbing it

Yesterday I experienced the problem that some people have with lower carb diets.  My electrolytes got kinda messed up.  How I knew what was going on is that I started feeling dizzy and weak.  A solution is to have a little sea salt and a  little potassium (small glass of OJ) and let my body figure out which one it needs.  After I did that I felt better.  The weight loss this morning is null.  I weigh the same as I did yesterday but that is OK.  Still down 4lbs. overall.  I am definitely on the right track here.

So, how lower in carb am I going?  Basically, I am having a serving of a carb (my focus for carbs is on naturally made carbs vs. processed carbs) at one meal a day.  I also have a very small portion of chocolate at that meal.  The rest of the day I eat a lot of veggies, meat, and some fats.  But, overall I am purposely eating half of what I used to eat.  Cutting portion size seems to be helping more than anything else to be honest.  Keeping it lower in carbs just seems to help cut my hunger in half.

I don't have this totally worked out yet.  But, I am trying to let my body kinda tell me what to eat.  If one day I start to crave some fruit then I will eat it.  If on another day I just crave fats then i will eat some avacado or coconut oil.  The most important thing is that I listen to what my body is telling me I need.


  1. I think you're on a good track with this. I read a book called "Carbohydrate Addicts" which kind of recommends what you're doing, i.e., confining carbs to one meal, although it does go a bit further.

    Whatever works so that you can stick to what you need to do (portion control was a HUGE thing for me), is what you need to do :)

  2. Hey Amanda, thanks! I too have read that book and a few others that recommend carb cycling. It seems for me to lose weight I have to both cut portions and watch carbs. One meal a day seems to be key. But, I still don't use artificial sweetners or count carbs. I use about half a teaspoon of sugar/honey in tea/coffee and then water rest of the day. So I guess technically I am not really carb cycling. Thank goodness it is still working. And, most of all, I feel so much better. I kinda get crazy from the sugar-lol. Thanks for reading. Hope all is well with you!!!

  3. Best of luck with this Dolly. Keep it up! Can I recommend one thing?! Step away from the scales! LOL. Weigh yourself once a week only. That way you are less obsessed with fluctuations as they happen every day.
    Other than that I think kicking those refined processed foods/carbs is 100% the way to go!
    Good luck again