Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Since Sunday I feel totally better.  I don't understand what happened to me last week. But, I am glad to things are back to normal.

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  1. Yay for normal! I hate those times when I'm feeling just overwhelmed. It's so stressful.

    I just went through the mother of all PMS cycles. I don't have periods anymore (uterine ablation), but oh boy do I get the other effects! And for me, that just exacerbates all the other "ick."

    Oh, another thing I thought about -- have you looked at The Hacker's Diet? It's available free in PDF form on the web. Just google it. It is what finally made weight loss make sense to me. It contains no food plan, which is part of what makes it so awesome in my eyes. It's just the basics on the science of weight loss. Which I knew... I mean, with the shows out there that now exist, I think we all know, LOL. But it finally gave me that "click", so to speak.

    I'm just throwing ideas out there -- I can see that you've been stressed and I like to try to help! But I can also just shut up :) Again, as I have said, you do what YOU have to do. You'll figure this out.