Wednesday, December 21, 2011

weigh in

Ok, here is the truth. I couldn't resist and I weighed myself yesterday.  I am up 2lbs.
This really confussed me because have been eating so much less.  I am really not kidding, I am seriously eating half of what I used to eat.  So, I started thinking about why my weight would have gone up.  I really do believe the MP3 is working for me.  My attitude is very positive and my ability to eat less/exercise more has really increased.  But, I realized that since Sunday what I have been eating hasn't been as healthy as it could be.  I have to accept the fact that even if I am eating very small portions I still can't eat certain foods often.  Milk products are the major culprit for me.  My cheese intake dramatically increased since Sunday.  And, actually, if I am honest with myself I don't feel the best from it.  Don't get me wrong, a slice of cheese or some cream in my coffee won't hurt me but I can't do both in one day.  Again, if I am honest with myself, I was eating more dairy products than  the example I just gave.  So, now I am just going to aim to do better and see what the scale says next week.  I am determined to keep going with the MP3 for the full 42 days (until around Jan.  24).  Wish me luck!

Saw a girlfriend today whom I haven't seen in two weeks.  I had on the exact same outfit that she last saw me in.  She asked if I had lost 20lbs. because I look smaller then when she last saw me.  She wasn't kidding, I checked-lol.  My husband also commented that my body looked smaller to him last night.  And, my jeans are a little baggy.  These are new jeans I bought about a month ago so I wouldn't have expected them to be at all baggy.  While my weight is not reflecting a change on the scale, it seems my body is changing for the better.  Tonight I am going to measure myself so I can track those changes.  Not depending on the scale for positive feed back would be a good thing!


  1. Good luck with it! I'm just trying to calm myself down and remember that even though the stupid scale says I put on 10 pounds in 10 days, that it's physiologically impossible for me to have done that.

    My brain hurts.

  2. Amanda, the stress of this time of year can do nasty things to a person. Sorry to hear you are upset. Things will get better!!!

    300lbs. dragon