Thursday, December 8, 2011

karate stuff

One of my good karate friends from years ago, Ann, was just walking her dog past my house.  I ran out to talk with her.  This is the second time I've run into her in two months. I told her about how we are all starting to get back to karate and now I think I have her going back to the dojo as well.  Yay!!

My hubby and I are planning on having everyone from the dojo over to our house a week or two after Christmas (we ordered a new sofa in November and are just waiting for it to be delivered.  It is suppose to show up the week of Dec. 27th.  Once that shows up we will finally have enough seating to have people over).  Hopefully we can all get together and have some good karate chat.

I am just so excited that everyone is starting to come back and train again.  It is great for mind, body, and soul.

Quick update on my week- It has been going poorly.  I have had a small set back regarding my surgery and my husband had a medical procedure done this week as well.  Hoping to get past all this crap and get back to working out soon!  On the upside, my husband has promised to try to fix the treadmill this weekend:)

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