Monday, June 27, 2011

June 27, 2011

This weekend went so well.  I was able to follow the Paul McKenna "I Can Make You Thin"  eating principles without any problems.  Normally weekends are my down fall but this weekend I couldn't make  myself over eat.  I now have a total aversion to that feeling of being full.  Thank you Mr. McKenna!!

We even got food from P.F. Chang (they have a great gluten free menu).  Normally I would have eaten my full order.  But, this weekend I could only eat part of it.  I did enjoy some rice with my meal trying to test out my new rice theory.  While I do think it is fine to occasionally eat rice, it also made me feel slightly ill.

As for my push ups.....
Every Monday on the "Evil Russian Push up Program"  you test  yourself, doing as many push up as you can until failure.  Last week I did 7.  Today I did 15. I know my numbers are low but at least I more than doubled the amount I could do and that feels like real progress!!

This week I am looking forward to just continuing my forward progress.  Hope you are doing well!!

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