Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Happy Summer! Behave your way to success...


I found the above article really interesting!  This explains why so many of us fail at weight loss.  At the end of the article it does say that we can try to change how our brain signals hunger:

"Although we may be born with a genetic predisposition for a large appetite, we can retrain the brain and teach ourselves to eat smaller portions and not snack,’ says Professor Zammit.

‘Obviously it takes great effort — the first day would be horrendous and the next few weeks very difficult but eventually we’d get used to it as the brain would make new connections."

Now it doesn't give specifics, I am assuming what the doctor is suggesting to listening to hunger and full signals and then eating a much smaller amount than you normally would.  I highly suggest you read the entire article.

It is funny that I found this article today because it is exactly in line with what I have been thinking about all weekend.  I am coming to believe my weight issue is not a product of the foods I consume (although I will never go back to eating gluten or grains), I believe it is my behaviors around food.  And, that leads me away from dieting and towards intuative eating techniques.

I notice that most of the time I eat the right things.  Believe it or not I am one of those weird people who literally craves different vegetables and lean proteins.  I don't get too many junk food cravings.  My husband often laughs at me because I will say to him I am craving tomatoes today or broccoli.  But, my problem does seem to be that when I am eating I am totally unaware of actually eating. I just eat as quickly as possible and don't even remember tasting my food. 

Years ago I purchased Paul McKenna's "I Can Make You Thin".    It contains a book that explains how to intuitive eat and hypnotic CD's that reinforce the ideas.  The system does work.  I personally know people who have lost like 100lbs. on it.  My problem is that it involves being actively involved in the daily eating process which I have not previously been that emotionally committed to.  But, I am now committing myself to trying this 100%. We will see how it goes (BTW-QVC has this on sale right now.  I am not affiliated with QVC in any way except that I live near the studio and am a frequent customer)

So, that is where I am at right now.  Please let me know how you are doing!!


  1. I have actually eaten 4 servings of broccoli at once, so I can relate! I've also had protein cravings, and ones for dairy (yogurt -- the heck?) so... you're not alone there, LOL

    Great article, btw :)

    Right now I'm trying to just buy into the whole "wellness" process. I'm at a point with my weight loss where the scale probably won't reward me consistently, so I have to work more with fitness and individual goals in that area. Right now I'm working on Tabata sprints. They're brutal little buggers, but they're way more efficient time-wise than endless trudging on the treadmill.

  2. Amanda-Tabata sprints are tough! I did them when I was doing kettlebells. Good for you!! I think the pursuit of health vs. weight loss is the only way to go. Once your body is healthy it will happily release the weight. Please keep me up to date on your progress!!