Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The next step......

Given up sugar.......check
increasing exercise.......check
working on perfecting my kata.........check
and now, keeping a food journal .....

I never thought I would be willing to do keep a food journal.  I absolutely hate doing that when you joining Weight Watchers.  Measuring and counting make me nuts.  But, I have been doing so well with not eating sugar and generally eating healthier that now I am ready to just write down what I eat.  I am NOT counting or measuring anything.  I may never be able to get myself to do that.

I found these "Diet Free" food trackers I had purchased from Zonya Foco's website last year.  I just couldn't make myself use them last year. But, since they are focused on tracking fruit and vegetable consumption they are perfect for me at this time.  The structure of the tracker is less intense then what I remember doing at Weight Watchers.  It feels much less stressful.  Hopefully, it will really help and speed up my weight loss journey.  Wish me luck!!

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