Friday, August 10, 2012

Quick end of the week update

I am taking this week as a success.  We had a family health crisis to deal with and I was able to stay consistent with the changes I am trying to make in my life.  Usually family issues throw me off my game.

I was able to exercise every day but one this week.  I did not eat sugar.  I ate a very healthy diet with only one or two very small indulgences.  And, I lost about 1.5lbs. this week.  All and all this week has really proved to me I can do it.

I am also starting something new.  For a long time I have been a fan of the nutritionist, Zonya Foco's way of looking at dieting.  She has a "No Diet" approach which works really well with the Slimpod that I listen to daily. I guess I am using her ideas to give me some structure which I feel I am lacking.  Zonya  encourages you to use 8 healthy habits which can help you naturally change your diet towards a more healthy one and lose weight.  Her list of 8 habits can be found on her website.  So, I am now trying to work one of her habits every week or so until it actually becomes a part of my life. 

This week I am working on drinking enough water.  For someone of my weight, I should be drinking 10 glasses of water a day.  I often don't even feel thirsty so I forget to drink anything except for at meals.  So, this week I am keeping track of how much water I am drinking and aiming for that magical number of 10 glasses (so far today I've had 3). 

 Here is one point I have to explain, One of her habits bothers me.  She is from the very low fat school of nutrition.  I know from personal experience that if I ate as low fat as she would like I would feel sick.  She does encourage people to eat healthy fats (yes, I know in some circles like the paleo world there really isn't a bad fat except for transfats and too much omega-6 fatty acids).  I am on the fence about this whole arguement.  I think this is one of those things that people have to figure out for themselves.  I am going to experiment and see if I can cut my fats a bit and still feel OK.

So all and all, this has been a very good week!


  1. Yeah, I hear you on the fats thing. Right now I'm not stressing about them too much. I eat guacamole daily, and eggs, olive oil, etc. I figure I'm balancing it out with other stuff (chicken breast, reduced fat dairy -- the 2% cheddar is shockingly edible, as is the lower fat sour cream), and that way I don't feel deprived. Other folks really like keeping their fat super low. We're all so different, I figure we just metabolize different nutrient ratios differently also :)

    Way to go on your eating this week! Well done.

  2. Thanks Amanda. I am with you on the fats. I don't even eat low fat dairy since I read how close those molecules are to plastic (seriously). I just try to eat a very moderate portion of fats at a time. I think my portion size is my biggest issue with weight loss. I am a mindless eater who has to learn to knock it off :) Good luck with your weight loss journey!

  3. I do think that people do have to figure out how their body reacts to things. Personally I know that I needed to add more fat to my body and it has helped a energy level...and just my general wellness. I hope things are going well with your habits!