Thursday, October 27, 2011

Sensei and Dr. Oz

My Sensei called today to make certain I watched the Dr. Oz show.  And, I am so glad that he did (thanks Sensei!!).

Dr. Oz had a great program today, the topic was how to diet for your body type.  He broke it down to two basic body types:  Large bottoms or Big Bellys.  I feel like I could easily fit into both categories but I think I am more of a Big Belly person.  He had very specific and diverse advice for both body types.  Click  here for nutrition advice.  Click here for exercise advise.

To sum up the advice here it is:  Big butts go low fat, Big Bellys go high fat, high protein, low carb.
Big butts become smaller by doing strength training (mostly lower body work).  Big Bellys need cardio.  But, please read the above links to get all the details.

The bigger issue for me was that I finally felt vindicated.  I feel that I have never really been able to commit to a high protein/low carb diet because I keep hearing some phantom food police in my head yelling at me for eating fat.  Low fat makes me feel ill to be honest (because without some fat in your diet you tend to replace the calories with carbs).  I know this is why I fail on Weight Watchers.  And, I have just felt like a failure due to my inability to eat low fat.  But, now I can replace that phantom food police's voice with Dr. Oz voice telling me I must eat fat and avoid carbs.  Thanks Dr. Oz!  Thanks Sensei!!

It is funny that this information came today because today is the day I started a new thing.  I decided that I have to keep a food journal.  I need some structure and a food journal would provide that.  I started writing everything down and started to feel that food guilt that comes from eating fat.  Especially since I had also started tracking my Weight Watchers points.  Now I think I will instead track calories. As well as cutting back on all carbs. Wish me luck that this will start the weight loss ball rolling.

On a totally random note, we are going to the dojo on Saturday to work out.  It is very exciting!! 
Hope you all are having  a great week.  And, thanks again Sensei!

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