Wednesday, October 19, 2011

banging my head against the wall

I have been having pretty intense headaches from my sinus issues (so I am really glad I am getting that surgery done during the week of Thanksgiving).  Due to this over the last 48 hours, I haven't been so careful about my food choices.  I didn't eat a lot. I just ate exactly what I wanted.  More along the lines of how you are suppose to eat if you are following an intuitive eating plan.  Again, I didn't think about food or diet at all.  And, guess what?! I lost another 2lbs. 

What is the lesson learned here?  Well, it seems my hypothesis about not dieting seems to really be true.  For whatever reason being on a diet doesn't work for me.  I will be testing this hypothesis for a few more days to see if it continues to work for me.  Maybe I just need to focus on exercise and let the rest take care of itself?  I have been enjoying working on my stances and kata every day so maybe that is also part of the issue.   Guess I will have to wait and see.

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