Monday, October 17, 2011


After my last spiritual weight loss class (yeah, I get how silly that sounds but I am desperate) last Wednesday I decided to give up sugar.  So since Wednesday I haven't eaten sugar (except for a few sodas at dinner last night) and have only allowed myself  one carb per day.  I've also been really good about consistently eating healthy and appropriate portion sizes.  I've also been exercising every day.  The sum total of this has been zero results in terms of weight loss.

I am totally frustrated.  I have done ZERO emotional eating.  I have eaten nothing but healthy, boring food.  And, I have been so good about portion control.   It just doesn't make any sense. (but, hey, the spiritual weight loss class does seem to be helping on some level)

The question now is what do I do?  Maybe my anorexic woman family members are right,  maybe it is time to starve myself?  We will see.

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