Sunday, October 16, 2011

the little bastards

My husband thinks that I may have offended some by calling the 20 somethings at karate "little bastards".  If I have offended then I appologize. " Little bastard" is the term my father was called when he was a 20 something by an old guy he knew who was totally annoyed by my father's youthful vigor.  It is now the term my father calls younger men who can out hike or work him.  This is the only reason I called the 20 somethings that term.  It has everything to do with their youth and nothing to do with them as actual people.  The guys at the dojo seem  like nice enough people.
Hope this clears up any misunderstandsings.

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  1. Pfft... I just got around to reading it (I've been trapped at work while I'm theoretically on vacation -- ugh) and you're fine.

    I wouldn't worry about it :) And congrats on getting back in!