Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wow, the scale is moving in the right direction....

I weighed myself this morning and I got quite a surprise.  I don't want to jinx myself but I have to share that I am down 5lbs.  What am I doing?

  First of all, I am still not eating sugar.  That makes 27 days without sugar so far.  Also, please note I don't eat grains (due to Celiac disease) or dairy either.  I seem to be allergic to cow dairy.   Secondly, I am eating whole foods.  I am making everything I eat. Nothing from a box.  Thirdly, I found some great whole foods recipes from a great website that are helping me eat healthy.  The website is by a nutritionist named Zonya Foco.  Her recipes are found here (she gives them to her readers for free).  In many cases I have to modify these recipes to deal with my allergies or to cater to my husband's preferences.  But, they are a great place to start and they are economical.   I am trying to exercise but due to the heat I have not been doing too much of that.  I think the big key is because my blood sugar is stable now from not eating sugar, so I can eat much less and be satisfied.

That is all I am doing.  For me it all starts with not eating sugar.  And, for that I have to thank the people at Thinking Slimmer.  There "no more sweet treats"  program has literally changed my life for the better!!


  1. I'm glad you're finding a plan that's working for you! No giving up :)

  2. Thank you Amanda. And, I won't give up. The best plans are the ones you create for yourself so this is easy to do.