Saturday, July 21, 2012

30 days of no sweets

Today I have officially not had sweet treats for 30 days.  I am feeling really good about this.  I have been addicted to sugar since I was a little kid.  Going without it literally seemed impossible.  And, if anyone had suggested giving up sweets to me I would have thought they were totally nuts.  But, I decided enough was enough and I gave it up.  Now I realize I am capable of a lot more than I ever realized. 

From here on out I won't want to eat sugar.  There are just too many benefits of not eating it.  But, it is not my new religion.  If I am in the mood for something and if there is a sweet treat that truly seems worth it, I will eat it.  But, for now I am very happy continuing as I have been.

Now that I realize I am capable of so much more than I ever thought, it is time to come up with another goal to tackle.  I will think on that and get back to you.....

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