Thursday, July 12, 2012

21 days sugar free

I am so happy.  Today is 21 days of no sugar.  My cravings have gone and I am getting adjusted to this new way of living.  Thank you sweets pod!  I also gave up dairy along the way.  So that means I am not eating gluten, dairy, or planning is getting interesting.  But, it is worth it.  I am feeling really good from the change in diet.  The best part is I gave away all of my chocolate.  I had gone to BJ's ,the day before I decided to give up sugar, and bought a big bag of dove chocolate squares.  It was literally a pound of chocolate.  And, I gave it to my sister-in-law. Something about that just makes me smile.  I couldn't stand having it in my cabinets any more for some reason.  It felt wonderful getting rid of all of it.

I am having a problem in my effort to get the weight off.  It is the heat.  I am just not handling the heat we are having here in Philadelphia very well.  I am not sure why but I am just not feeling great from it.  Therefore, making myself exercise has become very difficult.  But, I can't allow myself to have this excuse.  I have to get myself moving.  So, that is my goal for the week-get off of my butt!!!

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