Friday, July 20, 2012


I got on the scale this morning and yet another pound has gone!  Can you believe that???? That is 6lbs. since giving up sugar.  I am dumbfounded. 

In the past, in order to have lost 6lbs. I would have had to go zero carbs and exercise an hour a day.  That of course would only last a few days as I would eventually rebel against the strict regiment and go back to carbs, especially sugar.  Then literally, in one day, the weight would come back and usually doubled itself.

Now I think I am getting the hang of what my body wants.  I don't need to go no carb (although I am still pretty low in carbs) in order to lose weight. It seems my body just wants very low sugar.  But, it is fine with a piece of fruit a day and sometimes a potato.  And, I can still have a cup of coffee or tea with sugar or honey (only a teaspoon though).  Life is good.  Really good.

Another result of giving up sugar is how much less I want to eat in general.  I am convinced that sugar creates false hunger.  I recently read an article on the topic and wanted to post it here but after looking for it for an hour I must admit defeat.  If and when I find it again I will post it.  But, the reality of why I am losing weight without starving myself or feeling deprived is that I gave up sugar. Once the detox process was done I no longer really wanted it.  I absolutely don't miss it one bit.  In fact, foods made of sugar now gross me out a bit.  If I am really craving something special I will bake an apple for myself.

Many of you know that I was able to get past my sugar  addiction by using a hypnosis program by a company called Thinking Slimmer.  Previously I had tried another hypnosis product from the same company called a "Slimpod" which is excellent for general weight loss.  While it helped my self-esteem greatly, I couldn't lose weight using it.  Now I know why, my real problem was the blood sugar roller coaster that consuming sugar had put me on. 

Speaking of self-esteem, the other thing this process has taught me is that I am worth taking the time to cook for.  I never cooked for myself before.  I made certain my husband had his food prepared and organized.  But, I never did it for myself.  Now I am purposely making time daily to have all my meals organized.  This way I am not tempted to give in to poor quality food when I am hungry.  My old viscious cycle was not to do anything to prepare food ahead of time, get super hungry, rip the house apart looking for something I can eat, and then end up eating something less than healthy.  I finally feel like I deserve to eat healthy food and I deserve to take the time to care for my own health.  This is something I also attribute to "Thinking Slimmer".

So, all in all, I am feeling really happy and grateful for the weight loss.  Now all I have to do it keep up the good work.  6lbs down and only 144lbs to go.......

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