Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Mid-week update

Tomorrow will be a full two weeks since I've had a sweet treat (or much sugar in general).  I feel really good about this and am seeing a lot of positive results.  The weight is slowly coming down and I am just feeling so much better.

Monday night I started back to Tai Chi class.  This particular class was really a good one because I was able to work with Sensei and get some questions answered. I'd been having some trouble with the form but something clicked in for me on Monday night.  I really enjoy Tai Chi. It is something you can do for yourself where ever you are. And, my instructor also teaches Tai Chi sword which I am hoping to eventually learn as well.  My goal with Tai Chi is to learn it inside and out and make it a daily practise for myself here at home.

So, over all I would say things are really going well for me.  I see a lot of positives taking place and small but consistent progress being made.  The key seemed to be taking the pressure off of myself to please everyone in my life and instead focus on what I want to do.  Once I got my goals very clear in my mind things like sugar, cheese, other people's opinions of me,and taking care of everyone in my life seemed to stop being important to me.  That freed up a lot of time and energy to put into my life. Yes, this does sound selfish to me as well.  But, the truth is that better I take care of myself the more energy and time there suddenly is to do things for other people. It is a bit of a paradox but it is true.  And, it only took me 42 years to learn it -lol!

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