Monday, July 30, 2012

belt testing

Now that I have my diet in order (some 40 days without sugar and still going strong) it is time to get my workouts figured out.  I am going back to my T-Tapp workout since they really rehab your body in a gentle way.  T-Tapp needs to be a 5 day a week workout to be effective.  But, I also need to get regular kata workouts in.

Kata is a problem for me.  Some people can do kata and feel when they are doing it wrong.  I don't mean getting a movement wrong.  I more mean that I can't really feel when my basics, like stances, are wrong.  When I used to go into to Saturday open gyms at the dojo, one thing Sensei used to constantly say is that I should not progress to a new kata until I had the first one perfected.  I have been thinking a lot about how I can use that piece of advice here at home.  So, this is what I came up with....belt testing.

My husband is a black belt and as such, he helps with testing at the dojo.  He knows what Sensei is looking for in kata and basics.  So, I am going to work on kata here at home starting with the very first kata you get for your white belt.  After a while of practising it, I will have my husband basically test it.  If he thinks it is up to par then I will go to the next belt's kata.  This way I will just slowly but surely work up the belt rankings.  My hope is that by the time I get to my ranking (green belt with two stripes) I will have not only have mastered kata and basics but also gotten a lot of weight off.  This plan starts today!

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  1. hi! :) I found your blog when I googled t-tapp. I'm back to trying t-tapp again. last year I did the basic workout plus (BWO+) two or three times a week and lost about 16 inches in three weeks.

    I'm recovering from a car accident and couldn't do a stronger workout but now I'm happy to have found t-tapp. I'm back to doing it, and am trying the 14-day bootcamp and am on Day Four. Then I look forward to doing it with two days off in between, then finally doing it only once or twice a week. I feel so much stronger inside..and hope the outside soon reveals those changes.

    How do you like t-tapp?