Sunday, June 24, 2012

No more sweets

I got to qualify for the study that Thinking Slimmer is doing for the National Health Service in England this week.  The study is about what happens to people's sugar consumption if they listen to a hypnosis program to curb the consumption of sugar.

Well, folks, let me tell you what happens.  I started listening to the program on my ipod on Thursday afternoon.  I haven't eaten a sweet treat since then.  And, I am not even craving it.  Sweet treats are my total downfall.  I will eat really healthy in every way and then blow it by eating chocolate all day and not realize it. 

It feels really good to have more control over what I decide to eat.  I am really grateful to Sandra and all of the people at Thinking Slimmer!  You really should check out their program.  They all work so well.

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